Alexis Lopez

I recently had my car wrapped by RG Vinyl, and the results were absolutely stunning. Their team did an exceptional job transforming my vehicle. The vinyl wrap quality is top-notch, and the attention to detail was impeccable. My car looks like it just rolled out of the showroom. I couldn't be happier with the service and the outcome. If you're looking for a professional and skilled vinyl wrap service, I highly recommend RG Vinyl.

Chris L.

I wanted to ensure the longevity and resale value of my car, so I decided to get paint protection film from RG Vinyl. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. The PPF installation was flawless, and my car's paint is now shielded from the road. The team at is knowledgeable and provided excellent customer service. I'm confident that my car is well protected, thanks to RG Vinyl. Highly recommended!

Kristen Mahone

I had my car coated with RG Vinyl and the results exceeded my expectations. The shine and gloss on my vehicle is unbelievable, and the hydrophobic properties of the coating make it a breeze to maintain. I feel like my car is better protected than ever before. Hit up RG Vinyl to book your Ceramic Coating. They're the best in the business!

leo t.

Protecting my car's paint was a top priority for me, RG Vinyl made sure I got that and more! Their PPF installation is top-notch, it's like an invisible shield guarding my car's finish. The attention to detail during the installation process is remarkable, and the staff at was friendly and informative throughout. I now drive with peace of mind, knowing my car is safeguarded. Highly recommend RG Vinyl for PPF!


I bring in my car for a maintenance wash every 2-3 Months with RG Vinyl. Even though my car has been wrapped for more than a year now the guys still make sure to check and make sure that everything s still holding up strong!

Isabella Martin

"I recently brought my classic car to this car wash, and I was amazed by the expertise and knowledge of their team. I couldn't be happier with the results."

Client’s Review


Alex franco

I wrote this review before I even received my truck back soley on how GOOD the customer service was, they guys here gave me a tour, and showed me what they do at the shop,  and explained to me in detailed of the process. they made me feel very welcomed. (as a big car enthusiast this alone was a great experience). this is a very nice and clean shop, as a small business owner I can really appreciate how much pride they also take in their shop.

Toyota Tacoma / PPF and Ceramic Coating